Dem Congressman: None of your business how much I owe taxpayers

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March 29, 2016
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April 18, 2016

Dem Congressman: None of your business how much I owe taxpayers

Congressman Patrick Murphy is refusing to disclose just how much his campaign repaid to taxpayers for the political use of Air Force Two to transport Vice President Joe Biden to South Florida for a fundraiser and campaign event.


“Patrick was honored to campaign with Vice President Biden in Miami on Monday, and our campaign paid for the campaign expenses of the Vice President’s trip. That’s standard practice.” How much did the campaign pay? “5 figures,” the campaign said, declining to elaborate.

But the actual cost of the flight is conservatively estimated at $110,000 based on an hourly operations cost of $22,000 per flight hour. And Time Magazine actually estimates the cost as nearly twice as high, at $42,000, which would put the total cost to taxpayers at $210,000.

“At the very least, Patrick Murphy owes taxpayers a full accounting of how much he repaid for the political use of Air Force Two,” said Brian Burgess, spokesman for the Better Florida Alliance. “It’s not too much to ask that he disclose how much was repaid, who the check was written to, who paid the bill, and what this political junket actually cost taxpayers.”

Murphy campaigned with Vice-President Joe Biden earlier this week, attending a fundraiser and lunching at a Miami restaurant where the two posed for selfies with Democrat party voters.

Using a conservative estimate of $22,000 per flight hour, the five-hour round-trip flight cost taxpayers at least $110,000, and that’s just for the fuel and crew costs.