Taxpayer Report Cards Issued for US Senate Candidates

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March 31, 2016
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April 25, 2016

Taxpayer Report Cards Issued for US Senate Candidates

While millions of Americans rush to file their taxes, the Better Florida Alliance compiled taxpayer report cards for each of Florida’s seven candidates for U.S. Senate.

To compare each candidate, BFA considered information from a wide range of sources, including voting records, other ratings from taxpayer watchdog groups, public statements, and each candidate’s personal record.

“The results are interesting because of the diversity of each candidate,” said BFA spokesman Brian Burgess. “Some candidates have a voting record in Congress or in Florida politics, while others are outsiders asking voters to consider their success in business, the military, and their personal accomplishments, as a guide for how they’ll vote in the Senate.”

Congressman Patrick Murphy missed a chance to improve his score when he refused to disclose the costs of a taxpayer-funded campaign event featuring Vice-President Joe Biden.

“Congressman Murphy could have distinguished himself from his primary opponent, Alan Grayson, who rightly earned an ‘F’ based on his own record,” Burgess said. “But instead, Congressman Murphy continues to dodge questions about the taxpayer costs of his campaign event. This is exactly the wrong kind of behavior for someone who wants to represent Florida in the Senate, and exactly why he earned the grade of ‘D minus’ when it comes to taxpayer accountability.”

See all candidate report cards, below.

BFA Beruff unrated BFA DeSantis A Grade BFA Grayson terrible grade BFA Jolly grade BFA Lopez Cantera Grade BFA Murphy Grade BFA Wilcox unrated