About Better Florida Alliance

The Better Florida Alliance is a network of pro-growth Floridians that believe economic freedom is the key to promoting opportunity for Florida families. We are dedicated to educating Florida citizens on the effect of pro-growth economic policies on Florida’s families and promote policies that encourage economic freedom and opportunity. Join us, stay connected and get involved.

Here’s what we stand for:

EconomicFreedom2011AMEconomic Freedom and Stability
Our goal is to promote state and federal policies that support prosperity, cultural stability and other positive outcomes for individuals and families, that liberate people from dependence on government, and allows them to make their own economic and political choices. We believe economic stability improves quality of life for people at every income level, while giving every person the freedom to increase their personal income without relying on government.


Good governmentGood Government
The key to creating a stable, thriving state for all residents is to promote leaders who are educated, ethical, transparent, have a clear political philosophy, and are able to communicate effectively with their constituents. Good government also comes from active, aware, engaged citizens who communicate their desires to their leaders. The Better Florida Alliance seeks to promote exactly these kinds of leaders.


National securityNational Security
The political identity and institutions of any nation, even the United States, are  vulnerable to many types of threats and must be actively defended and sustained.  The primary objective of the Better Florida Alliance is to promote foreign and national security policies to protect the integrity of our democratic institutions and promote a peaceful global environment in which all Americans can thrive. We believe there are many threats, including that of terrorism and military threats from other nation-states, and that the United States must remain vigilant through active intelligence gathering, effective diplomacy, and by maintaining the most capable, lethal and mission-flexible military force in the world.

Students today face the most competitive economy in the history of the world. To meet the needs of an increasingly complex workforce, our high school and college graduations must possess skills in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, languages, and more. But successful education outcomes begin and end with parents, teachers and individual students. Standards that are dictated from on high, especially at the federal level, have repeatedly missed the mark. The Better Florida Alliance supports education policies that empower parents, teachers and students, giving them maximum flexibility while setting ambitious goals for academic achievement.

us_constitution-hammerAdherence to the Constitution
America was founded on the concept of separate but equal powers in three branches of government: the executive (president), the legislature (congress), and the judicial (courts) branches. But constitutional overreaches through bad legislation, extra-legal executive orders, or activist judges, can and have undermined the individual rights of Americans. The Better Florida Alliance promotes public policies that seek to restore balance to the constitution, and protect individual rights that are apparent in any plain reading of the United States Constitution.

If you agree with these principles, please join our movement. We need your help to make a Better Florida!