Tell Congressman Murphy: Stop Talking and Clean up the Algae!

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Recent media reports revealed that Congressman Patrick Murphy has a habit of making things up, especially when it comes to cleaning up seawater.  During the BP oil spill crisis, Murphy falsely claimed he worked for six months with a company called Coastal Environmental Services, which owns three seawater skimming boats.

But CBS-TV4 in Miami ran a report proving that Murphy didn’t actually do any cleanup, and those three skimmer boats are mothballed in storage, doing nothing.

Now, Congressman Murphy is talking about “taking action” to clean up the algae bloom along Florida’s coast. But so far, that’s all he’s doing: talking. His boats, which he claims can skim unwanted chemicals and debris from seawater, are still rusting in storage.

Sign Our Petition asking Congressman Murphy that if he really owns the company as he claims, to use his family’s considerable wealth to move those seawater cleanup boats to the coast and help clean up the algae bloom.

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Patrick Murphy talks of cleaning things up, but he never actually does anything.